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For ten years PAL Vancouver was Joy’s home. She electrified our hallways and theatre with her warmth and humour; and united PAL residents, bringing out our best selves. Your important founding contribution to THE JOY COGHILL LEGACY FUND will assist PAL Vancouver in many tangible ways including:

  • PAL Vancouver provides rental assistance in 70% of its 111 suites, ensuring residents in need do not pay more than 33% of their incomes on rent. As residents age their incomes continue to fall and your investment makes it possible for PAL to provide increasing scales of rental assistance.
  • PAL maintains a standard of excellence attending to all areas of the facility including outfitting individual suites with fixtures such as grab bars and railings as needed to provide safety and comfort to residents. In addition, the PAL Theatre provides accessibility and affordability to nonprofit groups and independent local producers.
  • Annually, PAL must raise $300,000 to sustain our operations and the integral rental assistance program at its core. Your JOY COGHILL LEGACY FUND gift will help us reach this crucial goal.

In the spirit of mentorship integral to Joy’s life work, your donation will also ensure that PAL will continue to promote creative growth through strong intergenerational relationships. PAL residents will continue to produce plays, perform as actors and musicians, and create new cultural work with the same passion, insight, and intensity as at any other time in their professional lives.

To join PAL friends in building the JOY COGHILL LEGACY FUND, please contribute online at in memory of Joy; or mail your “PAL Vancouver” donation with “in memory of Joy” on the memo line of your cheque, to 300-581 Cardero St., Vancouver, BC, V6G 3L3; or donate by telephone: 604-620-4315 (Karen Woodman, Donor Relations).

Thank you in advance for playing such a crucial role in the determined ensemble that is PAL Vancouver’s family.



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