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Beginning in 2004, two years before PAL Vancouver’s doors opened, Theatre Cares  supported our new 111-suite facility with an extremely generous gift of $13,000. The history of Theatre Cares is one of volunteerism and generosity, helping vulnerable citizens in Vancouver starting in 1991, when the devastating consequences of HIV/Aids cast grief upon every arts discipline.

Today Theatre Cares raises funds for vulnerable citizens both at home and abroad with the enduring support of the Arts Club Theatre Company and Bard on the Beach. In 2017, Theatre Cares contributed $6,000 to PAL’s annual operating fund, sustaining our integral rental assistance program to ensure residents in need do not pay more than 33% of their incomes on rent. As PAL residents age their incomes continue to fall and PAL is committed to supporting them at the most financially, physically and emotionally vulnerable time of their life. 50% of PAL residents who receive assistance have incomes below $18,000 annually.

In addition to PAL, Theatre Cares supports AIDS Vancouver, Positive Living BC, The Actors Fund of Canada and the Stephen Lewis Foundation, dedicated to the relief of the HIV/Aids pandemic in Africa.

Once again, PAL Vancouver expresses our tremendous appreciation to Theatre Cares and the staff and audiences at Bard on the Beach and the Arts Club Theatre Company for playing such leading roles in the dedicated ensemble that is PAL’s family.

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