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PAL Vancouver Board Plans Exciting Future!

The board of directors for PAL Vancouver are energized after conducting a day-long facilitated session on the organization’s immediate and long-term future last Saturday. With the guidance of facilitator Josie Chuback, the PAL Vancouver board met to review and update plans for the organization’s marketing, fundraising and governance.

“Our board brings incredible energy and enthusiasm to PAL Vancouver in support of its mission, and our most recent planning session is a great example of that,” says Mike Klassen, president of the board. “I am appreciative of their ideas and input on how we can both sustain and expand the work we do in support of our current and future residents, and the cultural community we belong to.”

Over recent years, PAL Vancouver has strengthened its fiscal sustainability by posting cash positive annual budgets, and increasing contributions to its contingency reserve fund. In addition, it has been aggressively working on increasing housing availability in response to its waiting list, with promising developments slated to happen in 2019.

“We have made good progress as an organization to meet the needs of our residents, as well as to create a strong, sustainable operation. However, we know PAL Vancouver can also do more,” adds Klassen. “Our reputation in the community is strong, but we all agree that we must do more to broaden awareness about PAL and its mission. We must as well work to explore new ways to support the local creative and performing community, such as with housing for emerging artists.”

Over 2018, PAL Vancouver welcomed new directors Dusty Kelly, Cal Shumiatcher, and most recently Nathalie Callendar. We also bid a grateful farewell to long-serving outgoing director Ellie O’Day. Over the coming months, the board of directors will develop and act upon an action plan based upon this week’s brainstorming day.

Residents, members and supporters of PAL Vancouver are encouraged to visit for future updates.

Contact: Gary Glacken, Executive Director –

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