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Your essential support for PAL’s community ensures that our residents live in safety, among their artistic peers, in a home they can afford for the rest of their lives.  

Over the past three years PAL has been working to create new homes for low-income, senior, and disabled members of the Metro Vancouver performing arts community. We anticipate having very good news about this soon. During this time, your enduring support has shaped the bedrock of PAL’s efforts to assist more artists who are living in tenuous, isolated, and, on occasion, unsafe situations.

Along with providing rental assistance, PAL’s mandate includes helping increasing numbers of artists connect with each other within compassionate living environments. At PAL, strong relationships between established and emerging artists are encouraged; creative growth is inspired; and our surrounding neighbourhood is animated through artistic activity. As a person who has found inspiration and broadened perspectives through the arts, you may agree with me that real, lasting and visionary social change often happens thanks to our artists and their ability to communicate lived experience on a deep level ~ a vocation more important than ever in these trying times.

Please support PAL’s charitable work protecting our senior artists from social, creative, and economic isolation. Your much needed donation will finance PAL’s rental assistance program so that our performance pioneers can age-in-place, securely, within an apartment they can afford. Your vital contribution will care for PAL’s family as it grows and thrives.

To contribute to PAL’s critical Rental Assistance Program please mail your “PAL Vancouver” donation cheque to 300-581 Cardero Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 3L3; or call Karen Woodman: Donor Relations, at the PAL office (604.620.4315); or donate online ( to receive an immediate charitable tax receipt.

PAL Vancouver receives no annual government support for our housing operations and must raise $300,000 every year to fund our integral rental assistance program and preserve the integrity of our facility. We do this solely through donations from caring individuals, private and public foundations, businesses, and dedicated members of Metro Vancouver’s performing arts community.

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