PAL Vancouver | 300-581 Cardero St. Vancouver, BC V6G 3L3 604-255-4312

Living at PAL Vancouver

Living at PAL Vancouver

There are three distinct options for living at PAL

Renting a near-market suite

A small percentage of suites at PAL that rent for approximately 10% below comparable suites in the West End and Coal Harbour. They come available periodically; rental revenue from these suites help us provide rental assistance to low-income residents.

Near-Market Suite Application Form


Renting a “rent-geared-to-income” suite

The majority of our suites are reserved for retired or disabled members of the professional performing arts community who have a minimal income. Our rental assistance for these suites insures that residents pay no more than 33% percent of their annual income.

There is a substantial waiting list for these suites.

Rent-Geared-to-Income Application Form


Leasing a PAL Partner Suite

PAL Vancouver has 12 two-bedroom life lease units. Please call us for further information about life leases:  604-255-4312

There is a substantial waiting list for these suites.




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