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Become a PAL Trustee! Apply Today!

Become a PAL Vancouver Trustee! We’re Taking Application Now.

PAL Vancouver is looking for people with a commitment to affordable housing and a passion for the arts to join our team of like-minded volunteers committed to a mission of providing longstanding members of Vancouver’s performing arts professions with affordable housing within a vibrant and creative community setting. PAL’s doors are open to all disciplines – film, television, radio, theatre, dance, music – and all occupations within those disciplines – design, direction, performance, promotion, production, technical, writing, and more.

Founded by artists for artists, PAL Vancouver provides safe, affordable homes for a vibrant community of creative professionals who work, or have worked, in the professional performing arts. Priority is given to seniors (55+), persons with disabilities, and those with the greatest housing needs. PAL Vancouver is the recipient of the prestigious CMHC Best Practices in Affordable Housing Award and is in the process of developing new units of affordable housing with associated programming for the community we serve.

Trustees ordinarily serve for a two-year term. Your skills and experience in affordable housing, law, communications, the professional performing arts, and/or resource development will sustain PAL for vulnerable, low-income seniors, and persons with disabilities who are experiencing financial difficulty due to age, injury, or disability. And you can roll up your sleeves and pitch in at whatever level suits you best: trustee (board member), committee member, or special advisor.

Interested? Questions? Want to explore the idea a little more? Call or email:

Mike Klassen, President: T: 604 377-5499; Email:

Gary Glacken, Executive Director: T: 604 255-4314 or Cell: 778 998-2668; Email:

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For ten years PAL Vancouver was Joy’s home. She electrified our hallways and theatre with her warmth and humour; and united PAL residents, bringing out our best selves. Your important founding contribution to THE JOY COGHILL LEGACY FUND will assist PAL Vancouver in many tangible ways including:

  • PAL Vancouver provides rental assistance in 70% of its 99 suites, ensuring residents in need do not pay more than 33% of their incomes on rent. As residents age their incomes continue to fall and your investment makes it possible for PAL to provide increasing scales of rental assistance.
  • PAL maintains a standard of excellence attending to all areas of the facility including outfitting individual suites with fixtures such as grab bars and railings as needed to provide safety and comfort to residents. In addition, the PAL Theatre provides accessibility and affordability to nonprofit groups and independent local producers.
  • Annually, PAL must raise $300,000 to sustain our operations and the integral rental assistance program at its core. Your JOY COGHILL LEGACY FUND gift will help us reach this crucial goal.

In the spirit of mentorship integral to Joy’s life work, your donation will also ensure that PAL will continue to promote creative growth through strong intergenerational relationships. PAL residents will continue to produce plays, perform as actors and musicians, and create new cultural work with the same passion, insight, and intensity as at any other time in their professional lives.

To join PAL friends in building the JOY COGHILL LEGACY FUND, please contribute online at in memory of Joy; or mail your “PAL Vancouver” donation with “in memory of Joy” on the memo line, to 300-581 Cardero St., Vancouver, BC, V6G 3L3.

Thank you in advance for playing such a crucial role in the determined ensemble that is PAL Vancouver’s family.



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Alfie Zappacosta plays benefit concert Dec. 7

For Tickets click here!

Come and hear the legendary Alfie Zappacosta —

Undeniably one of Canada’s premier songwriters and performers, Alfie Zappacosta has amassed an impressive song catalogue over the past 40 years, including “Start Again”, “Passion”, When I Fall in Love Again” and “Nothing Can Stand In Your Way”.

Come and hear the distinctive baritone voice, masterful guitar playing, and sophisticated stylings that have given Alfie Zappacosta the slickest jazz chops this side of Steely Dan.

Alfie Zappacosta will be performing at PAL Studio Theatre with his long-time friend and exquisite piano player, Andrew Glover. Glover is credited with a huge body of work which extends to Europe and the US.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear these two incredibly accomplished artists playing in a great venue for a great cause.  Playing a special benefit to support PAL Vancouver, a unique social housing and theatre complex in the heart of Coal Harbour. Proceeds will help provide rental assistance for residents in need. Tickets for this unique blend of acoustic, jazz and pop music are limited to 100 seats, and include a complementary drink and appetizers.

You would not be amiss to compare Alfie Zappacosta to a vintage VQA wine. Very rarely accessible but when he does perform it’s for a discerning crowd who are extremely familiar with quality.” – Keith Sharp Music Express


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Theatre Under The Stars Extends Hot Summer Run!

It’s been an incredible summer for Theatre Under the Stars Vancouver with amazing all-ages audiences gliding away to the wonder of Mary Poppins and whimsy of The Drowsy Chaperone. So successful that both shows have been extended by one week until August 26! To top it all off, if you plan your night out with Mary Poppins on Friday, August 18th at 8pm or The Drowsy Chaperone on Saturday, August 19th at 8pm you can support rental assistance at PAL Vancouver too! Special thanks to the wonderful casts and crews at Theatre Under the Stars for supporting PAL’s current and future residents, and vulnerable low-income senior performing arts professionals in need of affordable housing across the Lower Mainland. For tickets please click here:


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Allison Brook Sloan: A PAL Vancouver Legacy

Allison Brook Sloan (1951-2015): A PAL Vancouver Legacy

“Allison was a huge influence on my son’s ability to play music and also on his ability to focus and work hard towards something beautiful. This gift we will appreciate as a family forever. She was one of a kind, a truly caring and gifted person who taught from the heart. May she now rest in peace.”

As a professional violinist for over forty years, Allison Sloan recognized how precarious the lives of her fellow musicians could be, especially with complications such as illness, injury, financial difficulty, or aging. Allison strongly supported PAL’s vibrant community; our unique roof-top theatre used by residents to continue their creative lives; and the rental assistance we provide in 70% of our suites.

Although she was independent throughout her life, Allison reached out to PAL in her last two years while she waited for a liver transplant. She moved into a near-market suite and continued to teach violin until her health began to deteriorate. She then donated her cherished Yamaha piano to the 8th floor Pat Armstrong Lounge. Allison was a PAL donor when she worked as a violinist in the Vancouver Opera Orchestra; and before she passed away she named PAL Vancouver as a beneficiary in her will, contributing the largest legacy to PAL Vancouver’s rental assistance program since our founding.

For 32 years Allison performed as a violinist with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra. She was also a dedicated teacher for 41 years. Born in Ontario, Allison grew up in Calgary with her aunt and uncle. Early in her career, after being nominated by her influential teacher, Dr. Lise Elson, she won a scholarship to study in Los Angeles.

By 1967 she was a member of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and in 1977 Allison moved to Vancouver to join the Vancouver Opera Orchestra. Further highlights of her distinguished career include three western Canada tours with the Winnipeg Ballet; and West Coast performances for the National Ballet of Canada, the Bolshoi Ballet, Alberta Ballet, Northwest Ballet, and Ballet BC. She also had a gig as a backup musician on a Michael Bublé record.

Allison taught privately; coached string sections for UBC summer institutes and for the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra; she was a faculty member at the Vancouver Academy of Music for twenty years; and instructed at several Suzuki summer institutes in the US. The Shinichi Suzuki quotation Allison shared with her students was, Music is a language that goes beyond speech and letters – a living art that is almost mystical. This is where its emotional impact comes in. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven – without exception they live clearly and palpably in their music, and speak forcefully to us, purifying us, refining us, and awakening in us the highest joy and emotion.

As an accomplished vegetarian cook, Allison enjoyed dining with her friends and colleagues over the years. In her spare time she also rescued feral cats in downtown Vancouver and volunteered at PAL, helping introduce new visitors to our unique social housing and cultural complex.

If you are considering ways to leave a lasting legacy to PAL Vancouver, please contact Karen Woodman for more information:

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Learn about “The Winter’s Tale”

CC_Winter'sTale_Poster (2)

Classic Chic – An all-female ensemble dedicated to performing the classics. ‘Cause why should the boys have all the fun?

“It is requir’d you do awake your faith”

Classic Chic Productions presents
The Winter’s Tale
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Lisa Wolpe

L.A. Women’s Shakespeare is about putting on honest, thoughtful productions of Shakespeare’s plays, without being limited by gender, and in the meantime, doing their part to even out the cosmic scales from all that time Shakespeare’s women were played by men. And the fact that the company has, at its center, what is simply one of the best Shakespearean actors of this generation is reason to anticipate, and delight in, every new production.

Sharon Perlmutter, critic for Talkin’ Broadway VANCOUVER, BC…The Winter’s Tale, opening July 26 and presented by Classic Chic Productions (CCP), promises fire and ice aplenty, at the direction of master interpreter of the Bard, Lisa Wolpe. The epic and romantic fairy tale features a large all-female ensemble on this inaugural production for Classic Chic, a newly formed Vancouver women’s theatre collective. “The Winter’s Tale offers beautifully defined, strong, classic roles for women in Hermione, Paulina, and Perdita,” says Wolpe, an acclaimed actor and Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company (LAWSC).

“This play features some of the greatest male characters ever written – the tyrant King Leontes, the seductive King Polixenes, the tortured Antigonus, the delightful villain with a deft sleight of hand and a song-and-dance, Autolycus. Classic Chic is opening up fascinating opportunities for women to play everything from Clowns to Kings.”

A punch in the gut, the play delivers the tales of the suffering and rebirth of its women, but ultimately this is a sacred story of a triumphant emergence from darkness into light. Bursting with music, dancing, swordplay, and circus skills, The Winter’s Tale spins an eloquent text ranging in scope from powerful tragedy to vaudevillian light comedy.

The nucleus behind Classic Chic Productions, Christina Wells Campbell, artistic director; Corina Akeson, production manager; Joanna Redfern, communications and Michelle Martin, fundraising, all accomplished in theatre, are dedicated to performing the classics.

“There are great roles in theatre that women have traditionally not had the opportunity to play but appeal to them as actors and human beings,” says Wells Campbell, quoting from their mission statement. “With Classic Chic we are creating a forum for women to explore these possibilities, and audiences, too.”

Wolpe has played more of the Bard’s male roles than any woman in history, always to superlative reviews. She recently received the Lee Melville Award for Outstanding Contribution to the LA Theater Community and was awarded the Key to Harlem and a Congressional Certificate of Merit for her work with the Harlem Shakespeare Festival in 2013. While in Vancouver, she will perform her one–woman show Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender at the Orpheum Annex, July 16, presented by Railtown Cultural Eclective, and also offering a crossgender acting workshop.

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