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Thanks to Our Supporters

You value how much arts and culture enriches our society and contributes to our quality of life, but did you know…

  • the average senior performing arts professional has an annual income of $10,000 — less than half that of other Canadians over 65?
  • dancers, stunt performers, and stagehands often develop disabilities as a result of the physical demands of their careers?
  • 61% of senior artists are at moderate to high financial risk and 19% are at moderate to high housing risk?
  • performing arts pioneers who dedicated their lives to enriching the lives of others need our help, and PAL Vancouver was created to address this need?

Every year PAL Vancouver must raise over $200,000 in donations from caring individuals, foundations, businesses and performing arts allies to sustain the integral rental assistance program at the heart of our mission. PAL does not receive any government funding to operate.

Your generous monthly and annual donations help our residents — many of whom are founding members of Canada’s performing arts industry — stay close to their craft and and connected to their community.

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