PAL Vancouver | 300-581 Cardero St. Vancouver, BC V6G 3L3 604-255-4312

Take A Tour

Welcome to PAL

Register today and join an entertaining and free one-hour tour of PAL!

Please email to find out about upcoming dates. We will be delighted to show you around. Individuals are welcome and tours can be arranged for interested groups.

Welcom to PAL

At this special “behind the scenes” tour you will hear some of our residents’ extraordinary stories and meet the creative community that thrives at PAL. You will visit a sample apartment, PAL’s rooftop garden, and the 8th floor professionally equipped theatre.

Created by many of PAL’s 125 actors, musicians, filmmakers, and visual artists, tours of PAL widen our circle of friends and raise awareness about how the arts and social housing combine to improve the lives of seniors and those living with disabilities. Thank you for helping us spread the word.

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