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The music and lyrics to “This Place” are by PAL Residents Judy Ginn Walchuk ( and Jim Walchuk. The video was directed and produced by Judy Ginn Walchuk over almost five months and stars 60 PAL Residents who represent the wide variety of artists who make their homes at PAL – our dancers, actors, musicians, visual creators, background performers, animators, hair dressers, make-up artists – on television, film, and stage; in nightclubs; at the opera and much more.

As you will see, highlights include Soup Social, PALS Chorus, our Pride Parade Float, and shows like “Comfort Cottages” in the PAL Theatre. Our co-founders Joy Coghill and Jane Heyman make appearances, along with the crochet club, and the many visual arts exhibitions at PAL.

Extra credit goes to Jim Walchuk for sound engineering and musical arrangement; Marlee Walchuk ( for videography; and Marlee and Judy for their massive job editing the footage to include dozens of vintage photographs of our residents.

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